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Upcoming QTUM ICOs

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Vevue logo


Qtum based Utility Token for exchanging and copyrighting video content

Visit 27th Oct 2017
Ink logo


The vision of Ink is to provide Sovereign Consortium Blockchains to different use cases, to build a blockchain based infrastructure for the Creative Industry where various applications were possible and correlate to each other in one system.

Visit 28th Oct 2017
BitClave logo


BitClave is the next generation of search data privacy.

Visit 8th Nov 2017
Qbao logo


Qbao is a Qtum based decentralized social network. The usage scenarios includes token wallet and exchange, encrypted communications, trust social, DAPP stores, payment gateway, advertising engine and so on. The vision is to build the Wechat of Qtum world.

Visit 15th Nov 2017
InkChain logo


InkChain is defined as a ledger where artists register works and generate businesses, an exchange where arts can be incubated then thrive and an ecosystem advocating for anyone who creates original content.

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Medibloc logo


MediBloc is a personal healthcare record platform based on blockchain.

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Energo logo


Energo is an ecosystem that composed of a series of decentralized energy application, in order to build a DAE community (Decentralized Autonomous Energy Community) to adapt to the future.

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Bodhi logo


Next Generation Decentralized Prediction Market.

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Wireline logo


Wireline's suite of solutions unlocks the full potential of microservices. A revolutionary aspect of the product is the Wireline marketplace, an App Exchange where best-in-class microservices, components and professional services are traded in a frictionless environment.

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SpaceChain logo


The key to Space Chain is to deploy all blockchain nodes on satellites so as to bring blockchain technology into space.

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