Staking Calculator For QTUM

You can calculate what return you should get staking your QTUM.

How we get those numbers (where P is your daily probability): P = 675 * (Your weight / Network Weight)

Current network weight is: 17,028,846.53 QTUM (This number is cached for 10 minutes)


Network Weight Historically

Staking FAQ

What are "matured coins"?

Coins need to reach 500 confirmations (which should take about 20 hours currently) before they can be staked. You can check your number on confirmations by typing your address or transaction ID in the search box at the top.

Does my wallet need to stay on for staking?


I just mined a block and my staking weight has gone down to 0, why?

Non technical answer: When you mine a block, your coins are not available for staking for 500 confirmations. If you have a lot of coins, you can send chunks of them to different addresses on the same wallet and only coins from the mining address will be taken out for the 500 confirmations allowing the remaining coins to stake.

Technical answer: Your staking weight takes into consideration all of your outputs. If you mine a block, it is attributed to an output which becomes unavaiable for 500 confirmations. If you are a large wallet, you want to split your outputs in 250-400 chunks.

I just mined a block but only received 0.4 QTUM, why?

When you mine a block, you will get 0.4 QTUM and the rest in nine increments of 0.4 to be received 500 confirmations after that first reward. After those 500 confirmations, you should have received a total of 4 QTUM.

I just mined a block but it then disappeared and I can't find on the block explorer, why?

It's possible you got a stale block, you mined a block but somebody else had already mined it.